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Eliot Building Company,
General Contractor

Eliot Building Company was founded in 1985 by James Eliot, who has always had a passion for art and creativity. This creative inspiration first manifested as a small silver jewelry-smithing business and later bloomed into wood and construction. But the drive for elegance, art, and quality has never changed, and neither has our devotion to building things right, with our customers' best interests at heart. Influenced by the craftsman period, Eliot Building Company now seeks to blend modern style into the traditional alpine design. 

Since its inception, Eliot Building Company has since grown to include a highly talented crew, hailing from diverse backgrounds and bringing a multitude of skills to the table. From framing and siding, welding and stonework, all the way to custom wood finish, Eliot Building Company and crew have the vision and talent to make your dream-project a reality.


custom wood finish

We believe it is the final artistic touch that makes a house feel like a home. From unique details to custom furniture, our finish crew can put a creative touch to both the interior and exterior of your project.

Stone work

At Eliot Building Company, we know a home is more than just a wooden building. Whether you're looking for a stone hearth to cozy-up to or an out-door patio to relax on and enjoy the mountain air, our masons turn rocks into masterpieces.


When traditional craftsmanship meets modern-living, steel fabrication is likely involved. We have the tools and talent to complete any small welding project. 

framing & siding

Much like skin and bone, proper framing and siding of a house keep your project standing tall and proud.

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